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Nov 21, 2013 10:00pm PST
single day. >> medicare on private insurance. >> reporter: none of the supply claims were dropped. just him and the switch is going to cost him a bundle through covered california. >> it's about 25% more for the bronze coverage. >> reporter: here is the official line. >> 1% of the americans faced with financial challenges because of this. >> reporter: but lucky's bottom line will be an extra $1,600 a year. and the board is at odds with what the president and even the california insurance commissioner has requested. their unanimous vote didn't come with any reasoning for letting the policies lapse, other than that it was dangerous and a disservice to let the confusion continue. >> and the fight between bart and its unions is heating up again. it's over the contract of what they had been negotiating for six months now. today the board approved most of the deal, except a prevision dealing with the family leaves. it's a part in the contract including six weeks of paid leave for the union workers to take care of a seriously ill family member. now, the bart management says they are mistaking
Nov 3, 2013 8:30am PST
's for and the website doesn't work. >> it's a visceral thing, your healthcare. >> keep in mind that we have medicare, which rolls the same way. with any degree of intelligence, one would have used that as the initial entry model and you would not have all of this criticism. because you would be augusts a program with the cover. my guess is that at some point, you will get this dramatic speech from president obama and he's going to say exactly that. >> that what? >> that we should have used the medicare model. it works, it's proven to be affective and people believe in it, including republicans. >> the final question? medterm elections? it looked like -- how is this going to affect them and do you honestly think the democrats are going to be out there defending this program or are they going to cut and hundred run? >> i think any democrat who sees this program as a liability has already run. >> the whole thing has been ugly when you combine the technical calglitches to allegations of problems. it turns out to be not the case. >> and that is going to be interesting. it affects a number of people and n
Nov 10, 2013 8:30am PST
, medicaid, medicare, all these programs actually had rocky starts the first year, but a couple of years in i think this will be part of the scenery. >> this was emotionally charged from the beginning. it will be interesting to see how quickly people are able to get over it, if it does finally start working, will the bad emotions of how this started and how it came about last and will that have any effect on the next presidential campaign? >> in the news cycles and especially in today's 24 hour politics, you know, who is debating about what environment, out of the gate the negative stories took precedence as simple as that. over time, you're going to be hearing more about families that were able to get coverage, you're going to hear more about young adults who were able to get on plans, so the stories -- the -- more positive stories might start to surface but you know we in the media the first thing we are going to go after is what's wrong with something? >> the politicians themselves, they will be beating the drum on this -- >> these days is there much of a difference between the two? >> yes
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3